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Danielle was born & raised in Sedona Arizona.  She received her BFA in Photography from Arizona State University, where her interest began in portrait photography and capturing the subtle nuances between loved ones. 

She has established herself as a seasoned wedding, engagement, portrait and lifestyle photographer. She is based in Sedona, Arizona and available for worldwide travel.

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Danielle focuses on helping her clients feel special and loved, while bringing out their inner beauty through her artform. She includes her clients in the creative process by listening to their individual story and visions for their photoshoot. She is open and genuine with her clients on all levels, and is a true professional.

She is deeply attuned to nature and loves to incorporate all its beauty in her photography hence her love to photograph amongst trees, in the mountains, by the ocean side, in fields of flowers and in desert backdrops.

She has mastered her artform and is able to produce different styles of photography to realize her client’s vision.

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FAMILY/SOULMATE - We believe that family and loved ones are the most important part of our lives

LOVE - Love is something you find inside and out - it makes you feel adored, cherished and empowered to live your life to the fullest.

CREATIVE - We promise to make each photoshoot creative and fun. 

INTERACTIVE - We encourage you to be a part of the process by listening to your vision and ideas. We will give you guidance to interact with one another in a genuine way. 

AUTHENTIC - We promise to help tell your story in an authentic way that captures your unique relationships and visions.

It was love at first sight followed by lots of second shooting for weddings and family photo shoots! Kaleo is Danielle's fiancé, main second shooter and business partner.
Kaleo is there to take your photo when you are not looking and make you smile and laugh at the perfect moment! He usually has a zoom lens on his camera to  capture spontaneous moments and get that pretty boca blur in the background. He is also a talented jokester and has a thing for getting even the frowny face none smilers laughing.

Kaleo met Danielle while she was attending ASU and became Danielle's right hand man for photography as soon has he asked her out. From helping carry & set up Large Format Cameras, to modeling while Danielle tried out style of photography, to learning to take photos of Danielle and researching the newest equipment and eventually building up his own portfolio and gear. 

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MEET My Associate photographer

When ever I am already booked or need another second shooter... I reach out to Breanne Cunningham. She is my go to associate  photographer. You will love having her on your Sedona wedding day and she will do a stellar job!

Breanne enjoys capturing moments that are filled with raw emotion. She loves capturing portraits that speak about the persons soul. Like Danielle, Breanne is  born and raised in Sedona. Danielle and Breanne grew up as close friends sharing the same interests like sports, the great outdoors, and photography. Breanne's love for photography grew from being a hobby to a passion. 

Yes, maybe it's a little unnecessary to introduce our little blue heeler mini Australian Shepard dog, but that's the kind of animal lovers we are. Although Liberty won't be there on your wedding day she will be right there at Danielle's feet to help Danielle edit your wedding photos and remind her to take breaks from the computer. Danielle and Kaleo  love love love  animals and welcomes them on any of our photoshoots!