October 24, 2017

Sedona Oak Creek Wedding: Kelly + Ben

Ben and Kelly’s relationship was kismet. They were invited by a mutual friend to go hiking the upper Salt River to a beautiful waterfall. Kelly almost didn’t go but something inside her made her reconsider. Little did she know she would meet “her person”  There was an instant connection and it changed the direction of their lives.  As Ben drove to the river he played his favorite music including Bob Marley, Incubus, and Pearl Jam. As fate would have it, those were some of Kelly’s favorite bands too. Ben felt different around Kelly; her smile, sense of humor, and loving spirit intrigued him. Ben wanted to make sure Kelly was safe the whole day. He helped her cross the slippery rocks and they later shared laughs over Mexican food. Before the night was over Kelly asked Ben for his number so she could send him some photos of their adventure. Ben used this opportunity to ask Kelly out the following night and this began a budding passionate connection that seemed it was “meant to be.”






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  1. Amy Richie says:

    May I ask where they had their reception their wedding was gorgeous

    • Danielle Holman says:

      Hi Amy, they had their wedding @ Indian Gardens Park. However, I don’t think they are acting as a wedding venue at this time. Can I help with anything else?

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