September 7, 2018

Casey + Michelle at West Fork Trail : Sedona Engagement Photoshoot

Ever since the first phone call, it’s been nothing but fun and easy working with Michelle. I could immediately tell that she was organized, but also super upbeat and chill at the same time. It wasn’t surprising to find Casey to also be awesome! We decided to do this Sedona Engagement photoshoot at West Fork Trail, and it was such a great choice!

Kaleo and I met Casey and Michelle in person right before our photo shoot at Indian gardens Cafe, to learn about their story. It was a blast to get to know them! Michelle and Casey experienced their first dance together in middle school. They always had eyes on each other and ended up dating in high-school. They decided to go on separate paths after high school. Casey decided to go to the armed forces, while Michelle pursued her degree in college. Both had dated other people but, in the end, fate brought them back together.

Their engagement session took place at one of my favorite trails… West Fork Trail! If you are thinking about doing a Sedona Engagement photoshoot, I’d recommend you take this location into consideration. It was a beautiful sunny day with the clouds moving in and out to provide filtered light that made all the colors in nature pop! One of our favorite parts of the photoshoot was incorporating some of the props that Michelle cleverly brought. The BUBBLES were so much fun and got everyone laughing =) and I LOVED photographing scrabble words, and the rings, to spell out CONNOR in their hands. We all had so much fun on the shoot, that we knew the photos would be amazing! The bright sunflowers and natural beauty of West Fork Trail only complimented their upbeat bubbly personality and special love.

We are honored and stoked to be photographing their wedding in Sedona. It is going to be amazing!

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